SFT – FLASH 300 High Flow Pump

For Flash Chromatography and Purification

Standard Features

  • Dual-head design for high flow
  • Ceramic pistons and high performance UHMWPE, HPLC-grade seals
  • Ruby ball/sapphire seat check valves
  • Universal voltage input: 90–260 Vac / 50–60 Hz
  • Flow calibration (CAL) can be set for individual solvents
  • Repeatable flows and no loss of prime with Hexane, Methylene Chloride, and other light solvents
  • Combination prime-purge valve / “T” / outlet (1/8″)
  • Additional outlet check valve to prevent backflow during priming
  • All-stainless steel internal fluid path (except pistons, check valves, and seals)
  • Fluid path partially isolated from electrical components
  • Interactive digital keypad, RS-232 control and monitoring
  • EZChrom driver available

High Performance
The SFT-Flash 300 pump is designed to meet the requirements of most Flash Chromatography applications with very high performance. Standard features include digital keypad control and RS-232 interface.

Easy maintenance
All SFT pumps are known for fast, easy maintenance. Check valves and seals are readily accessible.

Precise flow delivery over wide range
The SFT-Flash 300 is a dual-head, positive displacement (piston) pump that delivers precise flow rates up to 300 ml/min. Flow accuracy can be optimized for various solvents using the calibration feature built into the pump’s front panel.

High performance at an affordable price
Superior to gear, diaphragm, and peristaltic pumps, the SFT-Flash 300 uses HPLC pump technology, providing greater performance at an affordable price.


Flow Rate 0.1 – 300.0 ml/min.
Maximum Pressure .200 psi
Flow Accuracy +/ – 3% (10 – 250 ml/min.)
Note: Use of calibration feature may be necessary.
Dimensions 7.0″ W x 12.0″ D x 7.5″H 18 x 31 x 19 cm
Weight 20 lbs. / 44 kg