SFT-Series I Plus Economical Digital Pump

Standard Features

  • Self-flushing Pump Head
  • Stainless Steel or PEEK Fluid with Choice of flow range
  • Simple Key Pad Controls with LED Display (0.01 ml increments)
  • Single Piston with Electronic Rapid Refill Mechanism
  • Motor Stall Detector
  • Spring Loaded Check Valves Available for Consistent Performance at Low Flow
  • RS-232 Serial Com Port for Complete Control & Status Monitoring
  • Run/stop Inputs (5 volt TTL type)
  • Optional: LO-Pulse Damper for Reduced Pulsation
  • Optional: High Pressure/Voltage Control Option: Remote 0-10 volt Flow Rate Control Input. Select Option V.
  • Option: High Pressure/Pressure Monitoring/Voltage Control Option: Remote 0-10 Volt Flow Rate Control, Real Time Pressure Monitoring via display or RS-232. User-selectable upper & lower pressure limits (Select Options V and T below. Includes Pulse Damper with Electronic Pressure Transducer.)

The SFT-Series I Pump provides precise, reproducible flow in an economical package. The unit is designed for use in a variety of applications, including metering and liquid chromatography.

The SFT-Series I Pump has several flow control options, including RS-232 and remote voltage control. User selectable upper and lower pressure limits and real time pressure monitoring (via RS-232 or display) is also available.

The pump is designed for use in many applications. The choice of Stainless Steel or PEEK fluid paths make it ideal for pumping solutions as diverse as distilled water, organic solvents or radioactive slurries.

The use of modern manufacturing methods combined with years of industry experience provides the performance of the most expensive pumps at an exceptional value.

Two flow rate ranges – 10 ml and 40 ml — are available to match most applications. In addition to proven reliability, the Auto-Flush piston wash and easy seal change procedures keep maintenance costs down.

All SFT pumps include a 1-year warranty.

Head Size Standard Pump High Pressure Option
10.0 ml/min. 3000 psi (Stainless Steel)
3000 psi (PEEK)
5000 psi (Stainless Steel)
3000 psi (PEEK)
40.0 ml/min. 1000 psi 1500 psi

Flow-Pressure curves available upon request.

Pulsation +/ – 1% @ 1 ml/min & 1000 psi, with Pulse Damper
Pressure Accuracy +/ – 2% of full scale pressure
Flow Accuracy +/ – 2% for 10 ml/min head, +/ – 5% for 40 ml head (at midpoint of flow)
Flow Precision 0.5% RSD
Dimensions 6.25″ high x 7.75″ wide x 12.75″ deep; 19 lbs


x x x x x F x 0001
Voltage Control Head Material Pulse Damper
Voltage D = 110/120 Vac, 50 – 60 Hz
E = 220/240 Vac, 50 – 60 Hz
Control 1 = Standard Series I Control
V = Remote Voltage Flow Rate Control or Pressure Monitoring & Voltage Control
Head 10 = 10 ml/min heads
40 = 40 ml/min heads
Material S = Stainless Steel
P = PEEK Plastic
Pulse Damper/Transducer
N = No Pulse Damper, no pressure transducer
D = Minipulse w/transducer
P = With Pulse Damper, no pressure transducer
T = Pulse Damper with Electronic Pressure Transducer
Note: Options D and T available only with Control Option V (Pressure Monitoring/Voltage Control Option)