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Health Benefits from CBD Infused Food Products

CBD oil extracted from Hemp is becoming increasing popular for a variety of uses.  One of these is for the infusion of various foods.  For the past year, Jenny’s Baked at Home in Stuyvesant, New York has been using SFT’s SP1100 CO2 extractor to obtain quality extracts that are subsequently used to produce a wide variety of Healthy, CBD infused food items. Owner Jennifer Argie said “Incorporating plant-based foods made me feel energetic. Once I included full-spectrum hemp oil (also called CBD oil) into my daily regimen, I noticed significant improvement in my physical, emotional, and psychological health.”  Many people have discovered the benefits of CBD oil as part of the healthy, holistic lifestyle, and a wide variety of CBD infused products are now on the market.

CDB extract should not be confused with THC which is extracted from cannabis. CBD is not psychoactive and is legal in all 50 US states.

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