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NIDS® ACE-CB1000 Pesticide Detection System:

Your Rapid Screening Tool for Premium Cannabis Products

The ACE-CB1000 is a rapid, total pesticide detection system for easy, early screening of contamination on cannabis plants. Utilizing this Military award-winning technology, originally developed for the U.S. Army for the on-site detection of nerve agents/pesticides in drinking water, cannabis companies such as growers, brokers, extractors, processors, and dispensaries, can now quickly test their raw cannabis flower & trim, in-process material & extracts, and final product for various insecticides and/or toxic/heavy metal contamination. Importantly, the rapid, easy to use, low-cost and broad-spectrum detection features make testing a sample a breeze. Powered by an advanced handheld reader for automated data analysis, storage, and sample tracking, the NIDS® ACE-CB-a/b rapid test packs provide users an on-site monitoring capability and ultimately, enable cannabis companies to produce a high-quality product and avoid potential product loss caused by insecticide or toxic/heavy metal contamination.

ACE-CB1000 Features:

  • NIDS® One-Step, Easy to Use Rapid Tests with Results in 5 to 12 minutes
  • Significant Testing Cost Reduction and Product Contamination Avoidance
  • Broad-Spectrum Pesticide and Toxic/Heavy Metal Screening Tool
  • Technology Tested and Validated by the U.S. Army and EPA
  • Automated Handheld Reader with Date/Time Stamping and Cloud Database Storage Capability

Example Pesticide and Toxic/Heavy Metal Sensitivities:

Compound ACE-CB1000
Sensitivity (ppm)
Compound ACE-CB1000
Sensitivity (ppm)
Aldicarb* 0.1 Malathion* 2
Aziniphos 10 Methamidophos 10
Carbaryl* 5 Methiocarb* 27
Carbofuran 0.1 Methomyl* 1
Chloropyriphos 0.25 Methyl Parathion* 3
Coumaphos* 5 Naled* 0.1
Diazinon 25 Oxamyl* 0.5
(DDVP) Dichlorvos* 0.1 Phosmet* 1
Dipterex 10 Phoxim 5
Ethoprophos* 50 Profenofos 10
Fenamiphos 0.5 Propoxur* 1
Isocarbaphos 5 Trichlorfon 10
Isofenphos-methyl 10 Copper 10
Malaoxon 0.5 Mercury 25

*Denotes on the California pesticide list


ACE-CB1000 Rapid Pesticide Detection System System
ACE-CB-a/b Paired Rapid Test Pack (Includes ACE-CB-a & ACE-CB-b) Pack
ACE-CB-STK Standard Sampling Kit Each
ACE-CB-PTK Premium Concentration Sample Kit Each
ACE-CB-SPTK Supreme Concentration Sampling Kit and Sensitivity Enhancer Each
ACE-EH-KT Sensitivity Enhancer Kit Each

How the ACE-CB1000 can save countless dollars and reduce material loss?

What our Customers Say:

“We put the ACE-CB1000 up against our certified HPLC-MS lab results and were stunned by the results. Samples analyzed by HPLC-MS containing Abmectin/Myclobutinil as well as Carbaryl/Bifenazate/Trifloxystrobin all tested positive on the ACE-CB1000, in ONLY 12 min – a FRACTION of the time for us to get the lab results back. Thank you so much ANP Health!”

“Just want to thank you so much for the ACE-CB1000 system! It has helped us to greatly reduce the number of contaminated material from our routine farm purchases and in doing so – greatly increased our efficiency and profits!”