Supercritical Fluid Technologies, Inc. develops innovative solutions for demanding separation and material processing needs. With more than two decades of experience, SFT provides cutting-edge equipment and custom solutions to meet your specific needs in supercritical fluid extraction, reaction chemistry and high pressure applications.


Innovative Leadership in Supercritical
Fluids & High Pressure Chemistry

From entry-level extractors and reactors, to research grade equipment and full-scale production systems,
we offer a range of highly customizable products to meet your needs and your budget.



We offer a wide range of supercritical fluid extractors, including small, entry-level systems, mid-scale equipment for research and process development, and larger pilot and custom designed systems. Our patented and proprietary systems offer the highest yields with no degradation of materials, and the most consistent results.

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SFT-SP Series

We applied our more than 27 years of experience in the field of supercritical fluids to design a system specifically for natural products extraction. The family of SFT-SP Series Supercritical Fluid Processors offers rapid and efficient extraction of your materials. Our systems use liquid CO2 to increase yield and decrease processing time. The SFT-SP Series SF Processors are designed with a flexible range of pressures up to 10,000 psi to allow for the capture of a full spectrum of extracts. Our systems offer the highest flowrates available to increase the return on your investment.

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The most advanced technology on the market, our high pressure reactors have a flexible design for system integration and specialized applications.

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Custom Systems

We develop custom supercritical reactors and extractors, and super and subcritical water systems in collaboration with governments, private, and non-profit organizations

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Pumps and Accessories

Supercritical Fluid Technologies offers a wide range of solvent pumps. Applications include High Pressure Liquid Chromatography, Flash Chromatography, and Reagent and Reactant metering for High Pressure Chemical reactors. A wide range of flow rates and pressures of operation are available.

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featured product

  • Sample Vessel Volumes from 5 ml to 500 ml
  • Can be configured for Series / Parallel Processes for 2 Vessels
  • Operating Pressure up to 10,000 psi (68.9 MPa)
  • PID Control of Pressure and Temperature
  • Integrated Fluid Preheater and Flow Meter
  • Various Extract Collection Options
  • Optional Co-solvent Addition Module
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Fundamental research is the first step in scientific discovery, development, and ultimately the commercialization of a process.

Supercritical Fluid Technologies, Inc. (SFT), a global leader in supercritical fluid extraction, processing, and high pressure chemistry, can assist you in making this first step a success.

Our knowledgeable scientists will help you by identifying where high pressure or supercritical fluid processing techniques will yield breakthroughs that you can use to improve your processes and products.

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