Press Releases

  • September 2023: Extracting Phenolic Compounds from Rice Husk with Supercritical CO2

    Extracting Phenolic Compounds from Rice Husk with Supercritical CO2 In much of the world, rice is a primary food source. Every year, large amounts of rice husk are left over from rice processing, requiring disposal. While generally considered worthless, rice … Continue reading

  • August 2023: Why Reaction Chemistry in Supercritical CO2?

    Supercritical CO2 (SF CO2) is a solvent that can be used as an alternative to hexane and other organic solvents when running chemical reactions. Working under moderate pressures, just over 1,100 psi. and very moderate temperatures just above 31oC, liquid … Continue reading

  • June 2023: SFT’s Malaysian Distributor Conducts Customer Training Workshop

    SFT’s Distributor in Malaysia, Interscience Sdn Bhd, recently held a workshop for SFT customers in Malaysia. The workshop’s objective was to provide training to new SFT users and a refresher to existing users. A PowerPoint presentation on theory and a … Continue reading

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  • ACS Fall 2022

    August 22-24, 2022
    Chicago, IL
    Booth 941

  • ISSF 2022 : 13th International Symposium on Supercritical Fluids

    Centre Sheraton Montreal Hotel
    Montreal, Quebec
    May 15-18, 2022

  • First Ever Hudson Valley Hemp Day!

    Join the festivities and see our Supercritical Fluid Processor in action!
    August 27th – 29th, 2021
    417 Sharptown Road
    Stuyvesant, NY

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