Press Releases

  • February 2023: Rapid, Safe Extraction of Fat from Dog Food with the SFT-120 SFE

    The many dog foods available today are typically composed of protein, fat and carbohydrates. The percentages of these components vary from one brand to another. Sometime this is done to optimize one food for a specific purpose such as weight … Continue reading

  • February 2023: Supercritical Fluid Technologies Updated and Expanded the Capabilities of their HPR SeriesTM Reactors

    Supercritical Fluid Technologies, Inc. (SFT) has introduced a new and expanded line of high-pressure reactors for the chemical, polymer and pharmaceutical industries. These bench top reactors are highly versatile, ranging from 50 to 4,000 ml, and capable of operating at … Continue reading

  • January 2023: Optimized, automated SFE for the production of Aerogels

    Many laboratory applications being performed today are run on manual SFE units. While manual extractors are most suitable for a wide variety of uses and offer the advantages of simplicity and moderate cost, certain applications such as aerogel drying where … Continue reading

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  • ACS Fall 2022

    August 22-24, 2022
    Chicago, IL
    Booth 941

  • ISSF 2022 : 13th International Symposium on Supercritical Fluids

    Centre Sheraton Montreal Hotel
    Montreal, Quebec
    May 15-18, 2022

  • First Ever Hudson Valley Hemp Day!

    Join the festivities and see our Supercritical Fluid Processor in action!
    August 27th – 29th, 2021
    417 Sharptown Road
    Stuyvesant, NY

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