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The versatile LD Class consists of dual-headed, positive displacement piston pumps, delivering unmatched performance for analytical, flash, and small-scale preparative chromatography applications. With the patented low dead-volume Pulse Dampener, advanced cam technology and dual piston mechanism, the LD Class provides virtually pulse-free operation.

The pumps are designed for high flow rate accuracy and low pulsation required for Analytical Liquid Chromatography (HPLC). Standard fluid path materials are Stainless Steel and PEEK, in addition to optional Titanium. Other available features include jacketed heads for temperature controlled processes. With 12 mL/min, 24 mL/min, 36 mL/min, and 100 mL/min versions, reaching pressures up to 10,000 psi, these pumps will meet the performance requirements of demanding HPLC needs.

The high performance linear cams, along with automatic pressure compensation, provide precise flow rates for very accurate high pressure and low pressure gradients. Standard features include an integrated Prime-Purge Valve, Pulse Dampener, interactive keypad control, and complete PC control and status through RS-232 and Micro USB 2.0 ports. The LD Class provides the precise flow and low pulsation for the most challenging separations.

Flow Rate Pressure Fluid Path Control
12 mL/min
24 mL/min
36 mL/min
100 mL/min
Up To
10,000 psi
(24 ml/min)
Stainless Steel
PEEK or Titanium
RS-232, Micro USB
Voltage Flow Control

LD Class Specifications

Flow Rate and Max Pressure Ratings* 0.00 -12.00 ml/min (6,000 psi)
0.00- 24.00 ml/min (10,000 psi)
0.0 – 36.00 ml/min (6,000 psi)
0.0 – 100.0 ml/min (1,000 psi)
Pulsation** ≤0.5% @ 1 mL/min and 1,000 psi (12 mL)
≤2% @ 1 mL/min and 1,000 psi (24 mL, 36 mL)
≤4% @ 50 mL/min and 250 psi (100 mL)
Pressure Accuracy +/-2% of full scale pressure
Flow Precision 0.2% RSD (12 mL)
0.5% RSD (24mL, 36 mL, 100 mL)
Wetted Materials (Options), Synthetic Ruby, Sapphire, UHMWPE, PTFE
Flow Accuracy Within 2% of set flow rate, 0.200 mL/min and above; 80:20 Water/IPA @ 1,000 psi (12 mL, 24 mL)
Within 2% of set flow rate, 0.80 mL/min and above; 80:20 Water/IPA @ 1,000 psi (36 mL)
Within 2% of set flow rate, 2.0 mL/min and above; 80:20 Water/IPA @ 500 psi (100 mL)
Dimensions 6.3” H x 10” W x 17” D (16 x 25.4 x 43.2 cm)
Weight 30 lbs. (13.6 kg)
Power 100-240 Vac (± 10%), 50-60 Hz
Control RS-232, Micro USB, Voltage Flow Control, Run/Stop

*Flow Rate is dependent on solvent selection and operating pressure.

** Pulsation value with pulse dampener