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SFT-130A Fully Automated Supercritical CO2 Extractor

  • Fully Automated, bench top SFE for Universities and Industry
  • Programable settings for control of the BPR, Flow Rate, Pressure and Temperature
  • Programable Extraction Procedures/Recipes
  • Sample Vessel Volume 1000 ml (100, 250, 500 ml inserts available for smaller volume operation)
  • Operation up to 10,000 psi (68.9 MPa) and 120°C
  • Integrated Fluid Preheater
  • Options include Full CO2 Recycle and Co-Solvent Addition Modules

The SFT-130A SFE is an advanced supercritical fluid extraction system. It combines the easy operation of a bench top SFE with many features typically found only in larger and more costly pilot scale systems. The SFT-130A is well suited for a variety of applications from basic research to process development. This SFE system was developed to investigate the application of supercritical fluid extraction to a wide variety
of analytical and material processing challenges.

In addition to its many industrial uses, the SFT-130A is ideal for colleges and universities. It is an affordable SFE for both teaching and research laboratories. It possesses the features required by researchers who require automation of key processing parameters for unattended operation. Operating
pressure up to 10,000 psi (68.9 MPa) and at temperatures ranging from ambient to 120°C make the SFT-130A suitable for almost any research project.

The SFT-130A is equipped with a 1000ml sample vessel. Optional vessel inserts permit operation at reduced volumes of 100, 250 and 500ml. Given this versatility, the SFT-130A is well-suited for both small, analytical scale applications and for slightly larger ones to extract very low levels of key components
from a material or to process larger quantities of materials than are possible on the traditional analytical scale.

Internal temperature stability, an essential processing parameter, is ensured by the system’s integrated pre-heater. The pre-heater provides the fluid to the main pressure vessel at a consistent temperature. This precise control guarantees consistent results from run to run.

The SFT-130A is supplied with a steady stream of high-pressure liquid CO2 by an integrated, high performance, pneumatically driven piston pump that rapidly compresses liquid CO2 drawn from a standard laboratory cylinder and delivers it at the pressures required for SFE (up to 10,000 psi).
The unit operates in a constant pressure mode, maintaining a set pressure as the CO2 extract flows out of the system, through an automated back pressure regulator (BPR), into the collection assembly.

A PLC monitors and controls all functions of the SFT-130A. This provides for fully automated cycle controls, data logging, safety alarms, history recording, and creating processing recipes. Automation of the BPR provides precise control over the flow rate of the expanding gas. This is essential for obtaining highly reproducible results. Flow rates up to 50 ml/min liquid CO2 are achieved under typical operating conditions (18mls/minute @ 10,000psi).

Extract collectiExtract from a ¼” outlet tube is collected in a vented sample container. Standard sizes range from 50 ml to 1 liter. Co-solvent addition modules are available for the SFT-130A and can be acquired along with the system or added later. Sample containment bags and baskets are recommended to make changing sample easy.

The SFT-130A SFE Unit can be fitted with an optional CO2 Recycle Module that is capable of recycling >95% of the CO2 used in an extraction process and reusing it many times.

System Specifications

SFT-130A SCF Extractor Features
Overall Dimensions:19.5in x 19.5in x 19.5in (49.5cm x 49.5cm x 49.5cm)
Weight:77 lbs. (35 kgs)
Fully Automated Cycle Controls:Fully Automated Cycle Controls – “Set it and forget it”
extraction cycles
Automatic BPR:Controls flow precisely; Extraction Vessel Sizesheated up to 200°C; Resistant to blockage.
Fluid Preheater:Improves temperature consistency of the fluid by
heating the fluid before it reaches the main sample vessel
Over Pressure Safeguard:High / Low pressure alarms and a vented rupture disc
Extract Collection:Externally mounted. 50ml – 1 Liter Collection Bottles.
Optional Co-solvent Addition:Doping or direct, in-line metered addition.
Utilities Required
110/240VAC single-phase @ 15-10amps (Plugs into standard outlet)
Compressed Air: 90-140 psi @ 3.5 SCFM
Liquid CO2 source (room-temperature or warmer siphon tank)
Safe CO2 vent location for process and safety line
SCF High Pressure Air-Operated Pump
0.5 ml Displacement (per stroke)
Integrated Solid-State Cooling prevents cavitation (no separate glycol-filled chiller required)
50 mls/min Maximum CO2 Flowrate Design @ 5000psi (18mls/min. at 10,000psi)
1 Liter Sample Extraction Vessel
2.98″ (76mm) Internal Diameter; 8.75″ (222mm) Internal Length
17-4-PH Stainless Steel Construction
Hand-Tight Top Closure
PTFE U-cup Top Closure Seal
Operates up to 10,000psi (689bar) with Rupture-Disc Safety Feature
Optional Vessel volume reduction inserts for 100ml, 250ml, and 500ml operation
Controls: Allen-Bradley PLC/Allen Bradley PanelView
Model 2080-LC-20QBB
7″ Color Screen
FTP Server for Datalogging, Alarm, History, and Recipes
VNC Server for Remote Access
Email alarm feature option
PID Heater control via SSR’s
Automated Back Pressure Regulator/Tescom 0.00725 Cv
Fully Automated Cycle Controls