Co-Solvent Pump Compatability

Co-Solvent Pump Compatability

Except for PEEK heads, all portions of this pump that contact mobile phase are manufactured of 316 SS, ceramic, sapphire, ruby, or fluoropolymers. Some of these materials are very sensitive to acids Including some Lewis acids) and acid halides. Avoid using solvents that include any amount of hydrochloric acid.

Some solvents to specifically avoid are:

Aqua Regia
Chlorine Anhydrous
Copper Chloride
Ferric Chloride
Ferrous Chloride
Freon 12 (wet)
Hydrobromic Acid
Hydrofluorsilicic Acid
Hydrogen peroxide
Mercuric Chloride

In addition, some users of HPLC systems have observed that chloroform and carbon tetrachloride slowly decompose to liberate hydrochloric acid, which, as noted above, attacks stainless steel. DO not leave solvents in the system for a prolonged period.

It is also recommended to avoid ammonium hydroxide. Although ammonium hydroxide will not harm the pump itself, it is likely to damage the stator and rotor in injection valves