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SFT’s Malaysian Distributor Conducts Customer Training Workshop

SFT’s Distributor in Malaysia, Interscience Sdn Bhd, recently held a workshop for SFT customers in Malaysia. The workshop’s objective was to provide training to new SFT users and a refresher to existing users. A PowerPoint presentation on theory and a product introduction was conducted in the morning, and hands-on training with an SFT-150 SFE was done in the afternoon. The practical session included tips on sample preparation and safe, efficient operation of the SFT-150.

SFT’s Distributors around the world are committed to providing professional training to all of our customers to ensure they benefit the most from their SFT equipment. Interscience Sdn Bhd is planning similar events to occur at least once bi-yearly, in collaboration with current SFT customers. To learn more, please visit: