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Supercritical Fluid Technologies Provides Hand Sanitizer to Delaware First Responders

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Supercritical Fluid Technologies (SFT) combined their supplier resources and area contacts to manufacture and distribute hand sanitizer.  At that time, supplies were very limited and many fire, police, and EMT personnel did not have adequate supplies to protect themselves. 

When Delaware Senator Anthony Delcollo learned about SFT’s efforts, he approached SFT’s founder, Dr. Kenneth James, to inquire whether SFT would be in the position to supply hand sanitizer to Delaware’s first responders.  Senator Delcollo used some of his own money to donate 600 bottles to Wilmington area first responders.  Dr. James agreed to match this donation and gave an additional 600 bottles at SFT’s expense.

John Stewart from the Mill Creek Fire Company said “We are very grateful for the donation of the Hand Sanitizers [from Senator Delcollo and Supercritical fluid Technologies Inc].  The timing was perfect since we were having difficulties acquiring the product.”

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