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AP-137 – Extraction and characterization of oil from Moringa oleifera using supercritical CO2 and traditional solvents

Looking for a good raw material for biodiesel at the Mexican-Yucatan peninsula, the study present data on the extraction of oil from Moringa oleifera kernals. Solvent extraction with n-hexane and ethanol, and supercritical extraction with CO2 are presented and compared … Continue reading

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AP-136 – Extraction and Characterization of Oil from Thevetia Peruviana Using Supercritical CO2

Thevetia peruviana is an always green tree that grows well at adverse conditions and it is well adapted to Yucatan weather. Its kernal contains more than 60% of oil. Because the toxicity of the plat the oil is non edible and … Continue reading

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AP-135 – Extraction of oil from chia seeds with supercritical CO2

Chia (Salvia Hispanic, L.) is a crop that was used as food, medicine and paints by the Aztec Indians in Mexico before 1492, andnowhas a promissory future in several countries. Chia seeds oil is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, particularly … Continue reading

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AP-134 – Chemical Conversion of Biomass under Subcritical-Supercritical – Solvent Conditions using a Pilot Scale Flow Reactor

The first phase of this project evaluated the reaction pathways for biomass feedstock in the presence of various cosolvents including acetone, methanol, CO2, and water using a 1 liter (di: 7.6cm, l: 23.1cm) high pressure batch reactor. Additionally, the effect … Continue reading

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AP-133 – One-Pot Algal Biodiesel Production in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide

 To advance the realization of algae as a feedstock for biodiesel, process technologies and closed-loop biomass use must be optimized. Life-cycle analysis (LCA) of the biodiesel production process highlights the potential significant impact of improvements in the extraction of algal … Continue reading

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AP-132 – Green Application of Flame Retardant Cotton Fabric Using Supercritical CO2

To increase cotton’s consumption by inventing products and processes that demonstrate preferred use of cotton over competing fibers in needed and emerging applications involving plastics, textiles, and composites.

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AP-169 – Beer Hop Extraction

Rudy Baskette, Supercritical Fluid Technologies, Inc The practice of beer brewing is seven thousand years old and has out survived most of the cultures that drank it. While the ancient Babylonians, Romans, Assyrians, and Incan cultures can no longer partake … Continue reading

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