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How Do I Install the Gas Flow Meter into the SFT-110, SFT-110XW, SFT-150 or SFT-250 SFE Systems?

How do I install the gas flow meter into the SFT-110, 110XW, 150, or 250 SFE Unit? Optional flow meters can be purchased as an upgrade to the SFT-110, 110XW, 150, and 250 SFE Units.  Locate the “L shaped tube” … Continue reading

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What viscosity of material can be pumped through the SFT-Series Co-Solvent Pumps?

Our testing has successfully shown that traditional vegetable oil has been able to pump through our co-solvent pumps.  As long as the solvent of choice is less viscous than vegetable oil and compatible with our systems (see manual for a … Continue reading

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